She participates on Educational Decathlon, passing the newest baking event but failing brand new spelling bee once misspelling “onomatopoeia”

She participates on Educational Decathlon, passing the newest baking event but failing brand new spelling bee once misspelling “onomatopoeia”

From the encore brief My Prior is not Today, Applejack briefly appears for the an effective flashback getting their give on Sunset Shimmer’s shortly after their defeat. Into the Relationship Through the Years, she works the latest titular song to the Rainbooms and you may line dances having Sunset Shimmer in one single attempt.

Equestria Female: Relationship Video game

Applejack appears once more during my Absolutely nothing Horse Equestria Female: Relationship Game, competing on online game up against Crystal Creating Academy within Canterlot High’s Wondercolts party.

She’s paired with Fluttershy within the archery part of the newest Tri-Mix Relay. If human planet’s style of Twilight Glow was heckled from the her very own team for failing to struck a target, Applejack gets this lady guidance which enables the lady going to an effective bull’s-eyes. This work from trustworthiness grounds the woman so you’re able to pony upwards, however, her magic is strained of the Twilight’s amulet. She later regains her secret to empower Sundown Shimmer and you can come back Twilight on track shortly after this woman is changed into Midnight Sparkle.

Relationship Online game transferring trousers

About Technology regarding Secret, Sunset Shimmer tries to work out how miracle performs on people world. Whenever she tests it toward Applejack, she doesn’t pony right up however, for some reason, oranges fall throughout the air, certainly one of and this Applejack eats.

Equestria People: Legend out of Everfree

In the fourth Equestria Female motion picture, Applejack goes with the woman members of the family and you can friends so you’re able to Camp Everfree, in which she conveys a desire to rough they on the trees and forage on her behalf individual food. From the Go camping Everfree, the woman is paired with Rainbow Dash about Aquap, Applejack is why magic experiences a remarkable alter, and you may she increases the skill of superhuman electricity.

Applejack shows up on the idea of strengthening a unique dock to have Go camping Everfree included in the lady class’s “current to own upcoming campers”, and you will she spends much of the movie permitting this lady fellow Wondercolts construct it. Whenever go camping manager Gloriosa Daisy try consumed because of the Equestrian magic and you will Twilight Shine triumphs over the woman worries out-of Midnight Shine, Applejack facilitate their loved ones defeat Gloriosa. She in addition to helps during the protecting Camp Everfree away from closing by tossing an amazingly Baseball fundraiser.

Equestria Females: Dancing Wonders

About half-hr special Dancing Magic, Applejack assists this lady family relations raise money so you can associate Everfree. Whenever Rarity’s suggestion for a sounds films was duplicated because of the Shadowbolts, Applejack shows up on the the fresh idea of and make an effective cowgirl-themed music video. She as well as participates the latest Moving Miracle tunes video close the end of the brand new special.

Equestria Lady: Movie Miracle

Throughout the 50 % of-hr unique Film Wonders, Applejack accompanies the woman friends to your band of the Adventurous Do flick, stating an interest in viewing new volcano film set. She is together with temporarily mistaken for a celebrity on “Energy Ponies” motion picture, throw as Domme Mare-velous. In the long run, she facilitate establish Juniper Montage’s thievery and you may deceit, and she is shed since an extra from the Adventurous Create film.

Equestria Lady: Echo Wonders

Throughout the 1 / 2 of-time unique Echo Secret, Applejack gets caught up with her loved ones inside the limbo whenever Juniper Montage acquires a give mirror enchanted with Equestrian wonders. Whenever Starlight Glimmer functions during the convincing Juniper so that her or him out, Applejack therefore the remainder of the girl nearest and dearest forgive and you can deal with their as a different buddy.

Equestria Lady: Summer time Shorts

Applejack functions as the focus of your musical brief Move Things Upwards!, in which she performs at a fruit juice pub from the Canterlot Shopping mall. Sick of serving a similar beverages, she decides to “shake some thing right up” and you can mix drinks that have numerous types of vegetables and fruits. Applejack is even a first attention from inside the Make up Shake up and Increase Which Rooftop.

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