Welcome to Kiltamany Resource and Knowledge Centre

About Us

It is located in Kiltamany, Samburu east sub county, the center was started by Indigenous Women from 9 women group with an initiative to carry out development activities which would help them to eradicate poverty in the region and also find solutions to prolonged drought in the area. Climate change has been an issue in the area and the women are the most affected. As nomads, their livestock’s get affected so much by the drought and therefore the women in the region thought coming together and work as a group would help them achieve their main objectives.

Our Objectives

1.To support Indigenous women to effectively defend their rights. 2.To build and strengthen the capacity of indigenous women. 3.To empower Indigenous women economically. 4.To come up with climate change adaptation and mitigation measures.

International Women’s Day

“Gender Equality Today For a Sustainable Tomorrow”. Indigenous Women from Naramam,Olorukoti,Ololulunga,Samburu and Marsabit gathered together at Naramam to celebrate International Women’s Day in collaboration with Indigenous Information Network,African Indigenous Women Organization,Madre,Fimi and Indigenous Women Biodiversity Network

Viva Girls Training Program

We have viva girls programs in collaboration with IIN and Aiwo .Empowering girls is essential for health and social development of our  communities .Some Indigenous girls still face violence and harmful practices and we call help them to overcome these chalenges.

2023 International Women's Day

We celebrated International Womens day together with the elders from our community.

16 Days of Activism Campaign